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Maximize the appearance of your smartphone with beautiful wallpapers, advanced features and good design. Choose one of the best Anime picture photos and more. Change as you wish to customize your phone to your style.

Anime 4K wallpapers “4K background application” Live Wallpaper is a free application that has a large variety of 4K wallpapers (UHD) and Full HD (High Definition) / background wallpapers.

List of Wallpapers in our application
– Wallpaper Manga
– Wallpaper Anime
– Wallpaper Amoled
– Wallpaper Super Heroes
– Wallpaper One Piece
– Wallpaper Attack On Titan
– Wallpaper AVATAR
– Wallpaper Bleach
– Wallpaper Code Gaes
– Wallpaper Angel Beats
– Wallpaper Death Note
– Wallpaper Dragon Ball
– Wallpaper Fairy Tail
– Wallpaper Full Metal Achimest Brother
– Wallpaper Gundam
– Wallpaper Inuyasha
– Wallpaper Naruto
– Wallpaper Rurouni Kenshin
– Wallpaper Sword Art Online
– Wallpaper Samurai X
– Wallpaper Injustic
– Wallpaper DC Comics
– Wallpaper Marvel
– Wallpaper Toriko

4K Anime Walpaper, UHD & Live Wallpaper application features:

✔️ Absolutely FREE

✔️ Set As:
Set wallpaper to your desktop also with one click.

✔️ Collection:
This collection is more than 100,000 UHD / 4K wallpapers and the best backgrounds

✔️ Save:
You can choose between 4K and the Full HD version to save on your mobile.

✔️ Simple and light:
We focus on the simplicity of the application, which provides great performance, light and fast.

✔️ Live Wallpaper:
This feature changes the Background of your Smartphone Automatically. Users can choose the frequency of time to change the Wallpaper automatically.

✔️ Set the background as a Wallpaper and lock screen:
You can set wallpaper and lock screen in just one click. No need to bother to open the gallery and find images.

✔️ Save battery and resources:
Display this application according to the size of your screen background and Wallpaper. This allows you to save battery power and Internet traffic, and use applications with maximum speed without losing image quality.

🔴 There are no images and illustrations hosted in the application.
🔴 All logos / images / names are the copyright of their owners.
🔴 These images are not supported by the owner, and the images are used purely and only for artistic and aesthetic purposes.
🔴 There is no copyright infringement & intended violation, and every request to delete one of the images / logos / names will be respected.

Permission Notification:
🔴 Photos / Media / Files: Required so you can use special photos as wallpaper.
🔴 Storage: Required to display the currently set wallpaper and so you can use special photos as wallpaper.

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